Message From our Chairs & Administrator

Message From our Chairs

In an age of constantly changing educational needs, at CTL Canada School we offer a strong supportive environment committed to students and their individual approach to learning, leading to admission into major Canadian universities.

Our assurance is established on delivering your children into Canadian universities, assuming you as parents and your child are committed to working with our educators and support teams to achieve the performance and results, we expect from each of our students.

As former educators with over twenty years of teaching experience in one of Canada’s top private schools, we know and appreciate the value of small classes, individual tutoring, leadership, and performance training understanding that students learn at their own pace.

CTL Canada School offers a welcoming environment with our educators and mentors who are dedicated to taking students into the future as accomplished leaders and outstanding human beings. Appreciating that students face an ever-changing world, CTL Canada School welcomes students to a nurturing and supportive environment for academic performance.

We look forward to welcoming your family member or members into our institution and to act as mentors and guardians for their future success. Their achievements will be our reference as lifelong educators and proud Canadians.


Honourable Bryon Wilfert, P.C. ICD. D. & Mrs. Elizabeth Wilfert D.J.
Chairs – CTL Canada School

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